Fush. September 2013.

I thought I’d hate it. It was Grand Final day and I would have been quite happy to go the pub and watch the game with a beer and some wedges but it was my turn to be taken on an adventure. No questions asked and no whinging to be given voice – that was the rules. On those grounds I stepped through the doors to the Melbourne Aquarium and let myself be taken on an adventure.

Initially I was put off by the plastic cartoon cave styled interior and the plastic cartoon creatures and the plastic cartoon signs. Why can’t they let nature be nature? The target audience was children which seems so limiting. Stripping back the Nemo-fication I could imagine the aquarium as a place to go for solo adventures, for dates, for work drinks and functions. When you stepped around the prams and the darting kids and put your face up to the glass all you could see was beauty.


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