Dark MOFO. Winter 2013.


In Winter 2013 I set off on a solo holiday to Hobart for the Dark MOFO Festival. It was an amazing few days. All the rich purples of my photos take me straight back to the cold, bright solstice weekend at the bottom of the world.

Saturnalia was held in a shed right on the wharf and was outrageously and perfectly noisy. The Drones, Fourteen Nights at Sea and Boris were highlights in a night without a single bum note.

The Cascades Female Factory is a place not easily forgotten. I took a slow tour around the grounds, looking at patterns in the walls and the footings of erased buildings. The exhibition was of some of the calico bonnets project. They were made all over the world – one for each woman ever held in the Female Factory.

The ghost tour of the penitentiary was brilliant. A deeply cold and eery tour into the bowels of the courthouse took us through solitary confinement right through to the courtrooms. I went back the next day for a daytime look and wasn’t disappointed. The tour guide came with me and we mucked about the building and even took some time to ‘test’ pull the handle on the gallows to see how the mechanism worked.

I went back in 2015 but I never caught sight of the magic of my first Dark MOFO adventure.


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